Phill in the foreground showing assistants how to adjust a clove hitch.
Indoor Climbing Assistant
Phill is holding a blue helmet, showing it to a group.
Climbing Equipment
A climber is stood on a large, round, blue volume at the top of the wall.
Indoor Climbing
Phill sat at the top of a crag belaying a climber, with the sea in the background.
Trad Climbing in Pembrokeshire
Phill coaching a group of 4 students.
Foundation Coach
Phill wearing an orange shirt and helmet, climbing a vertical wall.
Sport Climbing at Guadalest, Spain
Phill wearing a yellow top, climbing on a multi-coloured bouldering wall.
Indoor Bouldering
A group of scouts climbing on a boarded scaffold tower.
Scouts Climbing
A group of young people climbing at a crag of rough ledges.
Group Climbing at Birchen Edge
A group abseiling from some rocks, with some trees in the background.
Abseiling at Birchen Edge
A photo of Phill with a sloping mountain in the background.
Walking in Kandersteg
Phill climbing a yellow/brown rock, looking where to put his foot next.
Sport Climbing at Masson Lees