Indoor Climbing Assistant

The Indoor Climbing Assistant is designed for people who want to support qualified instructors with climbing sessions on artificial structures. People interested in this scheme might be parents, youth workers, young leaders or teachers and the focus is on assisting with core tasks within a session. Indoor Climbing Assistants are not qualified to manage groups independently. Use of the phrase ‘indoor climbing walls’ in this context refers to all artificial structures, including outdoor artificial climbing towers and mobile walls.

Is it for me?

The prerequisites for registration are as follows:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Have an interest in assisting qualified instructors on indoor climbing walls.

If the above applies to you, create an account on the candidate management system or log in if you already have one. The registration fee is £20 and covers access to DLOG (the digital logbook) where you can record your experience and keep track of your progress, a quality assured course delivered by an approved provider, an online training record and an official certificate.

Training and Assessment

The course involves one day (or potentially two evenings) of training and ongoing assessment in a supportive learning environment covering the following topics:

  • Technical competence (equipment, belaying, personal skills and background knowledge)
  • Management and decision making (managing participants under supervision, demonstrations and understanding your role)
  • Teaching and learning skills
  • The climbing environment (access, etiquette and ethics)

Prerequisites for attending the course are as follows:

  • Experience in the basic skills (belaying, harness fitting, tying on).
  • 5 indoor climbing sessions. (There is no personal climbing requirement, you can just belay, but it is useful to have experience of climbing.)
  • Belayed on a minimum of 5 indoor climbing sessions.

After the course you will be given an assessment result of either Pass or Defer (not yet mastered basic skills).


You can download the handbook from the Mountain Training website.


The scheme is now live! If you would like to arrange a course for your school / group then please get in touch with me. Any courses organised will be listed below in the course finder: